Brian Scalabrine Issues His Own ‘I’m Coming Home’ Letter Announcing Return to Boston

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If you are having a hard time explaining what irony is, you can always just say, “You know, like Brian Scalabrine‘s existence,” and they should get the point. The guy went from being a goofy-looking (read: white) bench player to a minor underdog celebrity for people who wanted to make fun of him, but didn’t want to be outwardly mean.

WELL, Scalabrine has used the forces against him to his advantage, announcing that he’s returning to Boston to be a broadcaster. That’s cute, but not really enough to warrant a news story. Even on this site. Rather, what’s noteworthy is how he broke the news—via a cribbed LeBron-type letter, the cover photo of which makes Scalabrine look like a 1996-era artist on Death Row Records.

Take a look at the Tweet:

Sold! This is how you cash in on niche celebrity status. By really owning it, wallowing in the meta, and turning it all into a broadcasting career after sports.

Well done, White Mamba.

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