And Now the Dallas Cowboys Are Fighting at Their Training Camp (GIF)

Dez Bryant Cowboys training camp fight

As we mentioned earlier, fights at NFL training camps are nothing new. The drills are boring, new blood is mixing with old, and these guys aren’t exactly Mr. Miyagi when it comes to patience and wisdom. Throw notorious training camp troublemaker Dez Bryant into the mix, and things are bound to get a little volatile at Cowboys training camp.

Dez Bryant took a pretty big hit (by training camp standards, anyway) yesterday, and…you know what? He didn’t take it very well. It upset him. Which is funny, because Dez Bryant of all people should know what it’s like to violate protocol at training camp.

Here’s the GIF:

Anyway, J.J. Wilcox rung his bell, then Dez get all fired up and in his face, as is tradition. Nothing much came of it, and after the incident, Dez said he was actually glad that Wilcox stepped up to make a play.

Okay then. The spirit of competition prevails. At least until the guys can’t agree on which strip club they want to attend and another fight breaks out.

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