Ezequiel Carrera Sprawls Out to Give Us One More Candidate for ‘Catch of the Year’ (GIF)

Screen Shot 2014-08-05 at 8.37.11 AM

Ezeqiuel Carrera isn’t exactly a household name, but he might be today in any household that has Sportscenter in it.

The centerfielder has played about 60 games in the past three years, but he took to the field yesterday, following the abrupt Austin Jackson trade that took him off the field mid-game last week.

Anyway, Ezeqiuel took this opportunity to show some defensive chops in the game. Namely, the ability to fly through the air like a hawk and snag a deep shot.

This GIF does it more justice than I can:

And here’s the video:

I’m not sure how tall Ezequiel is, but it looks like he’s a shorter guy that’s jumping for a ball that a taller guy may have just been able to reach out and grab. Either way, a very fun and talented catch.

I don’t know if his offensive skills will be able to keep him in the conversation for the starting center fielder’s job, but I’m guessing this play bought him at least a few more days of consideration.


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