Martellus Bennett and Kyle Fuller Come to Blows During Bears Training Camp (Video)

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Just about the only things interesting about football training camp, other than “it’s not baseball,” are Hard Knocks, and the frequent fights between players. Well, this story isn’t about Hard Knocks, so that kind of narrows it down.

Things got physical in a non-sexual way between tight end Martellus Bennett and rookie cornerback Kyle Fuller. Bennett caught a short pass, then appeared to be horse-collared or facemasked by Fuller, but not taken down. Some words were exchanged, Bennett threw Fuller to the ground. You know, NBD.

Note to rookies: You will never get the benefit of the doubt against veterans. You will never prove them wrong. Just shut up and keep your head down until your third year. Unless you play in Cleveland. Then you can hang out with Bieber and Floyd Mayweather all you want.

Here’s a video of the encounter:

I’m sure they’ve already made amends and are riding a tandem bike together and catching frogs down by the pond about right now.


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