The Spurs Hire Former WNBA Star Becky Hammon as an Assistant Coach (Tweet)

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The San Antonio Spurs have picked up Becky Hammon, the second female assistant coach in the league, presumably to teach Manu Ginboli and Tony Parker to stop flopping and play the game like men. Or something.

The move is a big one for the Spurs, as Hammon has 16 years of WNBA experience behind her, as well as her college days. She might not have been immersed in the men’s game as long as some other candidates, but it sounds like a strong move by a club that sticks religiously to fundamentals over flash.

Here’s her Tweet announcing the move to her followers:

One of the downsides of working as a coach for the Spurs is the no-nonsense attitude Gregg Popovich brings to the table. He seems like just about the most unfun dude ever, but in terms of experience, which is really important, especially for someone transitioning from the WNBA, there probably isn’t a better mentor in the league.

And in case you’re wondering who the other female assistant coach is/was, it was Lisa Boyer for the Cavs in 2001-2002. Let’s hope this works out better for Becky.

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