Just Because Cyclists Wear Spandex Doesn’t Mean They Can’t Administer a Beatdown (Video)

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The less we know about context here, the better we all are.

Two “men” (I put “men” in quotes because they’re in neon skintight clothing of their own accord) got in some sort of entanglement while riding in the Volta a Portugal, a two-week race in Portugal. Rather than work their problems out civilly with their words (Editor’s note: LIKE PUSSIES) these guys throw down HARD.

Only problem is cyclists don’t know how to throw down, hard nor soft, because they ride little bikes for a living. So they end up getting into a glorified slapfight on the side of the road while a helicopter films them. And we’re all the richer for it.

Here we go, party people:

Several other cyclists try to help out, but forgot that when they’re not on their bikes, they don’t have their special powers, so the duo of Vicente Mateos of Spain and Asbjorn Kragh of Denmark continue to fight until one of them got a scrape and a truce was declared.

As is international cycling law, two feuding cyclists can only be allowed on the circuit if they shake hands, offer public apologies, and finish the race riding a tandem bike, to demonstrate the power of forgiveness and teamwork.

Nope. None of that is true…Actually, cycling is so weird that it might be. Who knows?

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