The New LeBron James, Cleveland Cavalier Extraordinaire, Has Dropped 10 Pounds (Pics)

Screen Shot 2014-08-05 at 6.55.19 PM

LeBron James seems to have done just about everything right this offseason, having managed to get a slew of new fans in his return home, give cupcakes to his neighbors, and show up at camp about 10 pounds skinnier.

His secret is two fold: try to go easy on the carbs and be a world-class athlete with a team of trainers and nutritionists that can literally will you into shape. Regardless of his resources, he looks good, and hopefully, this won’t affect his ability to pound in the paint with 4’s and 5’s.

Here are the full pics from the King’s Instagram account:

At the very least, dropping 10-15 pounds will be easier on his body as he careens around the court in the regular season, and what I’m sure he hopes is a long playoff run.

Good for you, LeBron. Now make me lose weight.


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