Two Baseballs on the Field Confuses the Hell Out of Everyone Involved at Reds-Indians Game (GIF + Video)

Screen Shot 2014-08-05 at 11.36.33 PM

In the above image of Zapruder-like quality, you’ll see a Cleveland Indian sliding into second with the shortstop there to make the play. And in the middle right, you’ll see not one, but two baseballs moving towards the bag.

Now normally, there’s just one ball on the field, so adding a second one really throws a wrench in the plans of everyone involved. The umpires are tasked with figuring out what the hell is going on and making a ruling either ad hoc or after the play ends. The players need to discern which ball is the “real” one and what play to make with it. The baserunners need to know the same thing to determine what their situation is.  And the announcers have to figure out what’s going on because they have to tell everyone else what’s up.

Unfortunately, the ball seemed to come from nowhere…Initially, at least.

A view of the below video makes it appear that the ball is launched from the bullpen. Then, while at third base, David Murphy, assumed the dead errant ball was the only ball, and strayed from the bag, only to get tagged out by the actual ball.

Check it out in video and GIF form:

Despite the confusion stemming from the ball that came from the RED’S bullpen, Murphy remained out, and the umpires then devoured a live goat, as they are clearly pagan sociopaths for letting that call stand.




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