Video Points Out Dozens of Identical Plays Made by Kobe Bryant and Michael Jordan

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Since early in Kobe Bryant‘s career, the similarities between his game and Michael Jordan‘s game have been pointed out and discussed. While there’s certainly contention over whose legacy is greater (though Jordan is the prevailing victor), it’s almost impossible to ignore the parallels between their competitive fire, their turnarounds, and their clutch runners.

This long video splices and mixes up Jordan plays with Kobe plays to show exactly how similar the games of the two are. Of course, both players have had long careers with similar styles, so some coincidences are to be expected, but this goes far beyond that. It’s borderline spooky to see how effortlessly you can sub in one for another.

Take a look at the video:

Aside from the point this video makes, it’s pretty crazy how long this thing must have taken to compile and edit. I don’t know of a huge online resource or anything, so was the creator just running through hundreds of hours of tape? If so, job well done, sir or madam. Job well done.

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