French Soccer Player Strikes AMAZING Goal in Women’s U-20 World Cup (Video)

Screen Shot 2014-08-06 at 9.08.24 PM

With the madness of this year’s regular ole’ World Cup just a month or so behind us, we have grown accustomed to offering up nominees for “Goal of the Year” from seemingly every game.

There were a lot of “Goals of the Year,” though we never did settle on a winner. I guess we should wait until November, then go through the thousands or millions of goals we’ve nominated.

We miss using the phrase “Goal of the Year,” which is why we’re pleased to announce the return of “Goal of the Year,” thanks to U-20 women’s soccer. It’s their World Cup, actually. And during it, Claire Lavogez of France bent it like Beckham to knock a goal into the top left corner. It moved like it was on rails.

See for yourself here:


France went on to take down Costa Rica 5-1, so it wasn’t a game-winner or anything, but…watch that video again. Is this strike perfect? I think it might be.

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