Ron Artest, Formerly Metta World Peace, Wants to Change His Chinese League Name to ‘Panda Friend’

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Oh, Ron World Peace Artest. You so crazy.

Fortunately, his brand of crazy since the Detroit melee has been more of an eye-rolling, “That’s our World Peace!” crazy, rather than Joe Pesci in Casino crazy.

This year, he and his idiosyncrasies have fallen under the purview of the Sichuan Blue Whales of the Chinese Basketball Association.  With this new start, Ron Artest wants a new name as well. He’s thinking “Panda Friend.”

I have to say, Panda Friend is an amazing name, and all of a sudden, I’m pissed that it’s not mine.

I don’t know what the process is to get one’s named changed in China to whatever “Panda Friend” is in Chinese, but I’m sure that Ron Artest will probably see it through, because these types of things are very important to him.

At the very least, we can all agree that it’s a far better name than Metta World Peace, which is just gibberish.

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