This Two-Handed Slash in a Girls U-16 Hockey Match Is Straight-Up Assault (Video and Tweet)

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There’s lots of nefarious that goes on in the depths of amateur and minor league hockey. Tensions run high, codes of conduct are loose, and with so much action on the ice, it’s easy to feel like you could get away with a penalty. None of those things excuse the violent behavior, though. And this slash from a Russian girl against a U-16 American in an international tournament looks like a criminal act.

Play has been stopped, the American girl is looking away, then an opposing player comes up to her and cracks her on the head with a two-handed slash. The force was enough to break the stick and send the girl to the ground.

Check it out:

Fortunately, the girl, Hannah Bates, was okay. She even had a sense of humor about the terrible act:

That’s the spirit, Hannah! Now get out there and crack some skulls, metaphorically speaking.

Hat Tip – [Puck Daddy]

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