Chiefs Fan Gets Tased by Security, Heckling Crowd Adds Insult to Injury (Video)

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In this world of memes and viral videos, there’s no way someone can get tased in public without having some combination of “tase” and “bro” shouted at him by pretty much everyone in attendance. My first inclination was to title this piece, “Chiefs Fan Gets Tased, Bro” but I couldn’t bring myself to add fuel to the unoriginal fire.

While shouting trite things at someone is pretty uninspired, the act of actually getting tased is still a pretty unique, memorable experience, as I’m sure this unruly Chiefs fan can attest to.

Here’s the video, in which people shout out what we’re all thinking:

It’s odd that this guy was upsetting anyone. Normally people wearing bucket hats just sit around whistling, eating sandwiches, and fishing. Or so is my understanding. Regardless, it’s fun to watch people you don’t know get non-lethally electrocuted for being (presumably) jerks.

Tase him, bros. Tase him until you can see the urine streaming down his pant leg.


Hat Tip – [Deadspin]

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