Michael Vick Shows Off His Speed With 15-Yard Scramble During First Game With Jets (Video)

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Michael Vick, off-field issues aside, has had a pretty interesting career. He came in strong, became perhaps the most exciting player in the league, went away for a couple years, then came back with some early flashes of brilliance. but largely has resembled a backup QB, which is where he may end up for the season and for the rest of his career at 34 years old.

BUT…he’s still got those flashes of brilliance, and they’re fun to watch, especially knowing that they’re giving Geno Smith fits.

Watch Vick run like a 26 year-old in this video:

Sure, a quarterback who scrambles out of the pocket is rarely as reliable as the one who has the poise to stay in, but the former is FAR more fun to watch than the latter.

Michael Vick, with his huge arm and crazy speed out of the pocket, is probably the closest thing the league has ever seen to a Madden player. Let’s hope that he’s still got some gas left in the tank.

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