Sal Paolantonio Asks Ray Rice About His Wife in a Very Awkward Pre-Game Interview (Video)

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Sal Paolantonio knew exactly what he was doing when he asked Ray Rice if his wife gave him any words of encouragement before their game tonight. Nobody asks a league veteran if they were given any words of encouragement before a preseason game. That’s ridiculous.

“Mr. President, were you nervous when the WNBA league champions visited the White House your seventh year in office?”

Sal was either a) trolling (which is hard to believe because the question was so fluffy it might as well have been a cotton ball), or b) he was trying to turn a guy beating his wife on camera into a fun human interest story—like if he raced dirtbikes in the offseason or something.

Either way, it made for a very awkward moment, but Paolantonio was the one who was making it awkward, not Rice.

Here’s the video:

Well, at least it’s been reduced from a giant NFL issue to casual sideline banter. The league has to be happy about that.

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