13 Year-Old Girl Pitches Shutout to Get Her Team to the Little League World Series

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If it’s stil humiliating to be bested by a girl in athletics (not sure about pre-adolescent gender dynamics these days), then the Delaware team is probably going to want to lay low for a while, because 13 year-old Mo’Ne Davis smoked them in a shutout. Mo’Ne Davis pitches for the Philadelphia all-stars over Delaware, securing her team a spot in the Little League World Series.

Before we get much further, I would like to point out the incongruity of having a city’s all-star team (Philadelphia) play a whole state’s (Delaware), but I’m not going to let that ruin my day. Or even this article. This is about Mo’Ne.

Mo’Ne Davis pitches upwards of 70 MPH, so I’m not sure the kids of Delaware really had a chance.

Here’s a video of her throwing the heat:

Almost as impressive as her pitching is the violent reaction shown by the batter. Who knew Delaware was full of such hotheads. Don’t sweat the small stuff, Delaware. Just enjoy the journey.

Hat Tip – [FTW]

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