Bills WR Sammy Watkins Shows Off Another Sick Catch In Training Camp (Video)

Screen Shot 2014-08-11 at 10.14.17 AM

While it’s a little presumptuous to extrapolate how a player, especially a rookie, will perform in the regular season based on their pre-season play, Sammy Watkins raised yet another eyebrow today with a one-handed catch the likes of which we haven’t seen since his last one a couple weeks ago.

While things like agility, toughness, and strength are hard to gauge during the limited-contact drills, “good hands” might be a little easier to spot and diagnose. And Sammy Watkins is showing some good hands. Does that mean he won’t fumble when he gets clocked by a safety? Not at all. But let’s enjoy this catch he made over the weekend in practice:

We can dwell on these pad-less accomplishments, but how about we just cut the formalities and start the season so we see what Sammy can do against an NFL defense that actually wants to stop him.

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