Rory McIlroy’s iPhone Passcode Revealed to the World During PGA Championship Rain Delay (Video)

rory mcilroy iphone passcode

Yesterday there was a five-minute window during which, if you had been fortuitous enough to stumble upon the iPhone of 2014 British Open and PGA Championship winner Rory McIlroy, you would have been able to access all of his personal information. Social media accounts, banking apps, sexy photos of past or current flames—you name it, and it all could have been yours because, for that short window, you would have known Rory’s iPhone passcode.

How? Because, presumably, you would have seen it on TV like the rest of us.

You see, during yesterday’s rain delay at the PGA Championship at Valhalla, Rory killed time exactly like every other 25-year-old in the world kills time nowadays: by looking at his phone. However, unlike every other 25-year-old in the world, Rory happened to have a CBS camera pointed at him while he punched in his passcode. And that meant any eagle-eyed viewer would have noted that his code was 4589, or May 4, 1989—Rory’s birthday.

Of course, I say his passcode was 4589 because, being the social media savvy guy he is, McIlroy quickly caught wind of the inadvertent broadcast and changed it.

rory mcilroy tweet

Still, if I were Caroline Wozniacki, I’d have my people give Rory’s people a call and advise them to make sure any problematic images are deleted. You never know when camera’s will catch McIlroy’s passcode again.

Hat Tip – [Eye on Sports]

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