Texans Cheerleaders Make Awesome Parody Video Inspired by Hilarious Arian Foster Interview (Video)

texans cheerleaders arian foster parody

Last season, as the losses and humiliation piled up, eventually turning into an uncontrollable tire fire, Houston Texans running back Arian Foster stopped talking to the local media. And while you can’t blame him for not wanting to be asked “Why do you suck so bad?” fifty times a day, the rules are the rules: in the NFL, players have to talk to the media.

This year, apparently, the team has made those rules very clear to the Foster, because on July 30 he spent several minutes talking to the media.

However, though Foster was obeying the letter of the law, he was completely disregarding the spirit. The only thing the guy said some variation of, “I’m just working hard, trying to be a good teammate.”

Take a look:

That, my friends, is an all-time classic. And it doesn’t seem that it bothered the Texans, either, because now their very own cheerleading squad has come out with a parody video of Foster’s brilliant post-practice media scrum.

See for yourself:

Well done, Texans Cheerleaders. Well done.

Hat Tip – [The Big Lead]

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