Bills Fans Are the Drunkest Fans, Says Guy Who Wrote Book

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In 2013, author Sean MacDonald spent four months driving across America so he could visit all 32 NFL stadiums (yes, MetLIfe counts twice).  And the result was a book—MacDonald’s first—called Ultimate Football Road Trip.

Now that book is out, and of all the things MacDonald had to say in those 288 pages, apparently the most interesting thing (according to is his proclamation that Buffalo Bills fans are the drunkest fans in the NFL.

So is it true? Are Bills fans the drunkest in the NFL? Well, Rob Ford is a Bills fan, so there’s that. And a guy did fall off the upper deck while being a drunken jackass last year. So I’m going to say yeah, it’s a definite possibility.

Here’s MacDonald’s argument:

As you can probably guess, Bills fans are the drunkest I witnessed on my trip. That is true before, during and after the game. I even saw the Bills twice on the road and this observation was merely confirmed. Unfortunately, most of them are unable to hold their liquor and lose control, becoming a danger to others or to themselves. … Inside the stadium seemed like a free-for-all at times, with fans moving around constantly and far too many in the advanced stages of inebriation, especially in the lower level end zone seats. Beer was constantly being spilled on the concourse and stairways to the seats, making things that much more dangerous. Buffalo, like the many industrial cities in the cold northeast, is a hard-drinking town, but too many fans are simply out of control at Bills games. … [H]ere, the majority is simply trying to get as drunk as possible.

Now, it should be noted that MacDonald himself is a Bills fan, so it’s possible he just knows the drunkenness of Bills fans more intimately than he knows the drunkenness of, say, Browns fans. But he still makes a pretty compelling argument. And I imagine things will only get worse when people start showing up at Bills games thinking they’re going to see a Jon Bon Jovi concert.

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