NWO Reunites to Celebrate Hulk Hogan’s 61st Birthday on ‘Monday Night Raw’ (Video)

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For his 61st birthday, Hulk Hogan was reunited with other former members of the WCW’s now-defunct NWO in Portland during the WWE’s Monday Night Raw last night.

Are you still reading?

Ok. Good.

In addition to somehow fitting the event into the busy schedules of “Mean” Gene Okerlund and Ric Flair, the WWE was also able to get Hogan’s former NWO teammates, Scott Hall and Kevin Nash. Then Hulk Hogan engaged in an epic staredown with Brock Lesnar.

That’s right. The staredown was “epic.” I stand by my choice of words.

In case you don’t recognize the guy on the far right of the pic, the one in the kilt, that’s Rowdy Roddy Piper. And no, I don’t know what animal that is that died on his head. A blonde otter, perhaps?

Here’s a video of the reunion of sorts:

As silly as wrestling is (and it’s VERY silly), judging by some of the Tweets, this made some folks pretty happy and nostalgic for their younger days of watching wrestling. So rather than make fun of this any more, let’s get some nice Tweets in before we leave:

Happy birthday, Hulk, and happy reunion all you other old wrestlers!

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