Jimmy Fallon Gives Us ‘Tonight Show Superlatives’ for the PGA Championship Field (Video)

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There’s so much to make fun of in golf, I’m not sure where to begin. As such, I’ll let Jimmy Fallon get the ball rolling as he tosses his book of “Tonight Show Superlatives” at the colorful cast of characters in the PGA Championship, which took place this weekend at Valhalla in Louisville, KY.

It’s been a long standing convention that golfers, like bowlers, don’t necessarily look like athletes. This segment serves as a testament to that, as many of the featured golfers look like people who are just hanging out at truck stops or maybe asking to bum a beer from you in the parking lot of a Rush concert. It’s an odd bunch. The Masters would have never let in this type of riff-raff.

Here’s the video so you can see for yourself.  And in case you don’t find this brand of comedy funny, then maybe you’ll enjoy Jimmy Fallon’s patented “giggling uncontrollably at his own jokes.” There’s some of that here, too:


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