Landon Donovan Wallows in Denial with James Harden in this Hilarious Foot Locker Commercial (Video)

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“When life hands you lemons, you turn that shit into a self-deprecating Foot Locker commercial.”

That’s Landon Donovan‘s approach, apparently, as he teams up with James Harden to make fun of the fact that he, as captain, got cut from the U.S. National team prior to the World Cup. Landon actually gives a great comedic performance here, as he completely blows off the notion that he was cut from the team. (“I’m the captain!”)

Here the video:

Almost as funny is James Harden’s bizarre performance. It appears that he was woken up about six minutes before filming and was told, “It’s time to act, James.”

In addition to the unintentional comedy of Harden’s performance, we’ve also got the hilarity of the setting. Are they supposed to be in high school? If not, then what are they doing at a high school? If it was some charity thing, or public appearance, surely they would have known the other was going to be there. Bizarre

In summary, come for Landon’s performance, stay for the incidental weirdness.


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