Pacers Star Paul George Switches to No. 13 to Attain Adorable Nickname “PG-13”

paul george changes number to 13

Last year, in his annual ranking of the 50 most valuable players in the NBA, ESPN analyst and Grantland writer/mastermind Bill Simmons suggested Pacers star Paul George change his number from 24 to 13. The reasoning? He could then brand himself “PG-13” and become a household name.

Of course, what Simmons did not know at the time was that George would have a career year and then go viral after suffering a horrific compound fracture during a Team USA scrimmage, thus becoming a household name all on his own. But it was still a good piece of advice. And now it turns out that George is actually heeding it.

As reported by ESPN’s Darren Rovell, George decided to switch to No. 13 back in March before the league deadline. Then he went all-in and bought up the remaining inventory of No. 24 Paul George jerseys.

Unfortunately, given the aforementioned injury, we won’t be seeing George take the floor in his new No. 13 until 2015. But don’t be surprised if his jersey jumps into the top five in jersey sales anyway.

Hat Tip – [Bleacher Report]

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