Sports Anchor Lives Out Our Dreams, Punches Videobomber During Interview (GIF)

Screen Shot 2014-08-12 at 12.24.15 PM

Pro tip: Don’t interrupt sports director Mike Zambelli while he does his job. He takes his interviews—even at suburban Pennsylvania music festivals—very seriously, and if you interrupt him to get on camera, he will take you DOWN.

Here’s a GIF of Zambelli talking to some guy (possibly about their mutual love for royal blue polo shirts) when an interloper donned in a Batman t-shirt and cowboy hat weasels in to get on camera.

Savor this GIF:

It’s unclear if Mike’s punch lands on the guy’s sternum; it appears as though he may have come up short, showing a last-second moment of restraint.

You got lucky this time, suburban videobomber wearing a Batman t-shirt and cowboy hat. But don’t ever expect it to happen again.

Hat Tip – [PhillyMag]

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