The Routine that Won the 2014 World Yo-Yo Contest Will Blow Your Mind (Video)

world yo-yo champion

Yes, there is such a thing as the World Yo-Yo Contest. This year over 1,000 competitors from more than 30 countries gathered in Prague to take part. And, just like the FIFA World Cup, it’s sponsored by Budweiser. So while it’s no Nathan’s Hot Dog Eating Contest, it’s still kind of a big thing.

That being said, I’ll admit I may have overdone it with the hyperbole when I wrote that headline. But if it doesn’t actually blow your mind it will at least make you…I don’t know…nod your head in approval?

Anyway, the winner of the Class 1A championship of the 2014 World Yo-Yo contest was a guy named Gentry Stein. His winning routine was a dizzying three-minute performance set to some sweet house beats, and it will make you question everything you know about yo-yoing. Which, of course, is nothing. But you get the idea. It’s awesome.

Take a look:

Pretty cool, right? Now you know what all those hippies on X think they’re doing with their hands at raves.

Hat Tip – [Devour]

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