Tigers Bat Boy Takes a Spill While Trying to Run and Catch a Shinguard (Video)

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It’s been a rough week for Detroit fans. Justin Verlander, who is known for being the poster boy for good health, has said that he’s “nervous” about his upcoming shoulder MRI as the Tigers are just a half-game back from the Royals in their division. So, the last thing the team needed was another injury.

But unfortunately, that’s exactly what happened as misfortune befell another member of the Tigers: their bat boy.

The bay boy was jogging off the diamond when he was tossed a shinguard from the first base coach. Slightly caught off-guard, the bat boy stumbled, twisting his ankle and needing to get carried off the field.

There are no words to describe this. Not because it’s so awful; I just don’t have much more to say on the matter. A bat boy sprained his ankle. Fortunately, to break this awkward silence, we have a video:

Wishing both Verlander and the bat boy speedy recoveries.

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