Cowboys and Raiders Brawl Twice at Their Joint Practice, to No One’s Surprise (Video)

Screen Shot 2014-08-12 at 9.04.54 PM

I don’t know what coaches expect to get out of joint practices, but fans know exactly what to expect: fights.

Tensions are high enough with roster cuts and pecking orders in internal practices; adding another team into the goings-on of preseason essentially turns the practice into the first day of prison.

Speaking of “prison,” the Cowboys and Raiders shared a joint practice today, and the results were predictably ugly. So ugly that one guy documented what transpired by filming his own television:

The first kerfuffle  (above) was caused when Mo Claiborne (I guess we’re calling him “Mo” now) laid out Raiders tight end Mychal Rivera, then chose to holler at the crowd in celebration or exuberance—celebratory exuberance, perhaps. Another image, perhaps from the first brawl or the subsequent one, shows the two warring factions getting close to the crowd in Pistons-Pacers-like fashion.

Yeah. I think we’re ready for the season to start.

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