Fantasy Football May Cost Companies $13 Billion in Lost Time (Totally Worth It, BTW)

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Sometimes, to get their name on the map, specialty firms will do these “studies” to quantify some abstract concept. Normally, the studies aren’t very scientific, and are just a stab in the dark (imagine something like “How many chickens had to die for Super Bowl Buffalo wings”).

This time, it’s the hilariously named “outplacement” (no idea what that is) firm Challenge, Gray & Christmas who have put a dollar amount on the fantasy football time employees spent checking their phone, talking shit on message boards, and crying in the bathroom stall because Peyton Manning sprained his neck. By the company’s own admission, valuing the time lost to fantasy leagues is “absurd,” so at least we’re all of the same mind there. 

The study was predicated on 59% of 31 million working Americans spending 2 hours a week messing with their squad at work. That sounds…sorta kinda right…about as right as a study this silly can be.

Challenger, Gray & Christmas also claim that clamping down on time spent at work doing this would hinder performance even more as a morale-killer. 

So, middle management: Your’e screwed.

Hat Tip: [Bleacher Report]

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