Iranian Wrestler Breaks from Leg-Hold with ‘Matrix’-like Escape Move (Video)

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The two guys wrestling here are named Iman Sadeghikoukandeh (Iran) and Rashidov Gadzhimurad (Russian). Stemming from a desire to avoid carpal tunnel syndrome by typing their names, I’m going to keep this brief: 

The Iranian wrestler (see above for his name) had his leg held high by the Russian wrestler (ditto), when all of a sudden, he summoned the power of vortex and threw his free leg over Mr. Russia, confusing him, then taking him down. The whole thing happens quickly, but fortunately, the YouTube poster was kind enough to slow the move down, complete with creepy slo-mo crowd noises.

Below is the video of the super-athletic reversal and takedown:

That move doesn’t sound like it was a fluke, either. Sadeghikoukandeh ended up taking gold in the tournament, as one would expect from someone who is able to play with the laws of physics like that. 

Hat Tip – [Deadspin]

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