Little League Ump from the Bahamas Performs Funky Dances Between Pitches (Video)

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In case the differences in cultures weren’t apparent between the Caribbean, especially laid-back Bahamas, and those stiff, uptight Americans, look no further than the way our umpires move. In America, they…they don’t move. They sit there, and the most we’ll get out of them is a gruff “Yerrr out!”—if we’re lucky. It’s pretty oppressive.

In the land of limbo, sand, and conch fritters, we get a little more style with our umps. At least at the junior level. This guy won’t let officiating a Little League game get in the way of a good time.

Check out this video of an ump, making the most of his time in the spotlight:

To be fair, we did report on this American ump a couple weeks ago who gave over-the-top strikeout calls, but honestly, he just doesn’t vibe as well as this Bahamian guy does.

Hat Tip – [Extra Mustard]

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