In Just Ten Years, the Olympic Venues in Athens Have Started to Look Like Ruins (Pics)

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The 2004 Olympic Games in Athens, Greece were quite reminiscent of the Brazil World Cup in terms of infrastructure. Many people doubted the ability of the country to pull off such a high-profile and costly event, and those doubters were nearly proven correct, as Greece didn’t get much of the construction done until the 11th hour.

Ten years later, and it appears much of the work that was commissioned for the games lies useless, which is also a concern regarding the World Cup venues in less-trafficked parts of Brazil.

The Baltimore Sun has put together a collection of photos, some featuring before-and-after images of the sites. While it’s not exactly haunting, it’s sad to see such a waste of resources applied to such limited utility.

Here are the pics of the new millennial Greek ruins:

Perhaps we can get some large-format artist to do something cool with these? Cristo? Banksy? Anyone?


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