Paul Bissonnette Used a Helicopter and a Glacier for an Epic ALS Ice Bucket Challenge (Video)

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The ALS Ice Bucket Challenge has been a fun little viral video trend that’s promoted awareness and charitable donations towards the disease ALS. Most of the people in these videos take a cooler full of ice and water, and dump it on their heads. Most of these people are not as tough as current NHL free agent Paul Bissonnette.

For his Ice Bucket Challenge,Bissonnette employed a helicopter, a picturesque mountaintop, some chilly glacier water, and no clothing other than a bathing suit. It looks like it should have been shown in IMAX.

Watch Bissonnette show the world how tough he is in this video:

Bissonnette is currently an unsigned free agent, so this video not only raises awareness for ALS, but it also raises awareness for “Paul Bissonnette is a badass and you probably want him on your team.” Both are very worthy causes.

Short of employing the Egyptian pyramids and a blimp piloted by Shakira, I don’t know how anyone tops this.

Hat Tip – [@AaronRodgers12]

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