San Fransisco Giants Hold Moment of Silence and Show ‘Mrs. Doubtfire’ Clip in Memory of Robin Williams (Video)

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Enough has been said about the untimely and tragic death of actor/comedian Robin Williams that we don’t really feel the need or inclination to revisit the sad event(s) that took him. However, a few of the celebrations of his life have been just the right mix of “bitter” and “sweet” that the communal bond seems to be worth mentioning.

One such event took place last night at AT&T Park in San Francisco, a city where Williams often hung his hat and cheered on the Giants. During that event, the stadium took a moment of silence after showing a clip from the universally-loved comedy Mrs. Doubtfire.

Here’s a clip of what took place:

…And a Tweeted photo of the moment of silence:

Even these moments of earnest sweetness still sting a little after the actors unexpected death, but it’s nice to see an enormous group of people celebrating and remembering this great man’s life.

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