Some Things You Can Never Un-See, Like This Clip of Steve Spurrier Dancing (GIF)

Screen Shot 2014-08-12 at 9.27.34 PM

The last time we checked in on the Ole’ Ball Coach, Steve Spurrier, he was fondly recollecting how he jerked off a lot of players in the locker room. A month or so later, it looks like he’s having a different type of fun: dancing.

And not dancing like “the robot” or “TURN DOWN FOR WHAT” dancing. This is dancing with a purpose. That purpose is currently unknown, but I wouldn’t rule out a Spurrier run at a Dancing with the Stars spot. He seems perfect for it. Well, not perfect. I mean, he’d definitely have to get a new haircut, but he should do that anyway. Shit is tired.

Here’s the South Carolina head coach doing what he does best—being an awkward white guy:

Is that dude in the bucket hat trying to get into the shot or out of it? I bet he’s as conflicted and confused about Spurrier’s dancing as everyone else.

Teach me how to Dougie, Coach Spurrier. Teach us ALL how to Dougie.

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