Cristiano Ronaldo Tip Toes in Team Photos to Look Taller (Pics)


Cristiano Ronaldo is already recognized as one of the greatest soccer players in the world, and when it’s all said and done he’ll almost certainly be considered among the best of all time.

However, that is not quite good enough for CR7, nor is being insanely wealthy, ridiculously handsome, and having a supermodel girlfriend.

No, for Cristiano Ronaldo, in addition to all those things—any one of which we regular folk would kill for—it’s also extremely important, apparently, that he be the tallest person on his team.

Metro UK first tipped us off to this amazing fact when they noticed Ronaldo standing on his tip toes in a team photo prior to the UEFA Super Cup Final against Sevilla on Tuesday. Then the folks at The Big Lead went back and looked at other team photos featuring Ronaldo and, lo and behold, it turns out he always stands on his tip toes in team photos.

Take a look:

It’s days like this I’m glad I don’t have any character flaws.

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