Danny Amendola Entertains Patriots Fans with Impressive Juggling and Catching Skills (Video)

danny amendola juggling catch

You probably knew, or at least assumed, that New England Patriots wide receiver Danny Amendola, a.k.a. the new Wes Welker, is good at catching footballs. After all, he does it at the professional level. However, you probably did not know he was this good at catching footballs.

At the Patriots training camp the other day, Amendola and a few of the Patriots’ other professional football catchers decided to give the fans in attendance a break from looking at large men breathing heavily and squirting water on their heads. So they had a little contest to see how many footballs they could hold while catching a pass.

Of course, by this point you’ve probably guessed that Amendola won. But did you guess that he won by holding four footballs, tossing one into the air as he caught a fifth, kicking the one he tossed back up into the air, and catching it again? Because if you did, you’ve either already seen the video or you’re psychic, in which case you need to stop reading this and go to Vegas right now.

Take a look:

Now, for his next trick, the Amazing Amendola will stay healthy for one entire season!

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