Paul George Buys Up His Old No. 24 Pacers Jerseys and Gives Them to His High School (Pics)

paul george donates old jerseys to his high school

When an average player decides to switch numbers it’s usually just a matter of the team equipment manager sewing a number on a shirt. But when a star player decides to switch it’s a different story. Whether we’re talking about the NFL, NHL, MLB, or NBA, the player has to put in a request to the league and then either wait a few years for all the merchandise with their name to sell out or agree to buy up all the extra supply. It’s the price you pay for being marketable.

In the case of injured Pacers star Paul George, he decided he didn’t want to wait to become PG-13. So he bit the bullet and bought the merch.

But what does a guy do with all that gear that nobody wants to buy? Well, he could donate it to some kids in Africa who won’t know the difference, like the NFL did with all those Denver Broncos Super Bowl XLVIII Championship t-shirts. But George decided instead to earn major brownie points with the kids at his alma mater—Knight High School in Palmdale, California.

Well played, PG-13.

Hat Tip – [Bleacher Report]

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