Here’s a Spanish Track Announcer Having a Creepy Love Affair with a Competitor’s Backside (Video)

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If you haven’t taken a shower today, watching this video, and listening to this announcer gush and moan over a female track athlete’s ass will probably send you running to get clean.

The fact that it’s Spanish makes me want to give this guy the benefit of the doubt; that maybe he’s talking about split times and relay legs.  But my imagination gets cut loose every time he lets out a guttural moan of ecstasy looking at that ass.

Don’t get me wrong: It’s a terrific ass. I would marry her if I knew who she was. But I’m not going to subject a television viewing audience to my throes of passion.

So let’s just say, “Whoa. That’s a killer ass,” and move on. We say that as spectators and fans. As an announcer, you just ignore it and talk about the Fosbury Flop or the origins of discus.

“El Flop de Fosbury”