Cris Carter Takes Ice Bucket Challenge, But Misses Himself and Hits Chris Berman Instead (GIF)

cris carter dumps water on chris berman in ice bucket challenge

Have you heard about this Ice Bucket Challenge thing that all the cool people on social media are doing? Basically you dump a bucket of ice cold water on yourself, post it on social media, and it cures ALS. Plus, all your friends know what a good person you are, and you don’t even have to donate money for research. So it’s a pretty sweet deal.

Anyway, like I said, all sorts of cool people are doing the Ice Bucket Challenge these days, from cheerleaders to hockey players. And now even people who aren’t cool at all are doing it—people like NFL Countdown hosts Chris Berman and Cris Carter.

Of course, Berman and Carter didn’t do the Ice Bucket Challenge on social media. They work for ESPN, so they did it during halftime of last night’s preseason game between the Jacksonville Jaguars and the Chicago Bears. And it was actually unintentionally hilarious, because Carter missed himself—probably on purpose—and dumped about 95% of his water on Berman.

You never would have known Carter missed from the look on his face, though. The Hall of Fame wide receiver makes the most pained expression when that little bit of cold water splashed on the top of his head.

Take a look:

Way to take one for the team, Cris.

Hat Tip – [Deadspin]

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