Enormous Man Sets New World Deadlift Record, Then Owns Annoying Reporter Trying to Get an Interview 20 Seconds Later (Video)

benedikt magnusson world record dead lift 461kg 1016lb

On August 9 in Leeds, England, a colossal human being from Iceland named Benedikt Magnusson set a new world record when he deadlifted a mind-blowing 461 kg, which works out to about 1,016 pounds. And really, that alone is worthy of a post. However, it’s what Benni did immediately after setting the new world record that makes this story exceptional.

You see, after lifting a half-ton off the ground with his bare hands, turning his face so red that you fully expected it to explode like a tomato in a microwave, Benni stomped around and celebrated. Then an annoying (but obviously attractive) female MC came over with her microphone. At first he just kept on walking, but eventually she tracked him down and blurted out her oh-so-insightful question.

That’s when the Hafnarfjörður-native showed off his brilliant comedic timing, giving one of the best “shut it down” answers you’ll ever hear.

Take a look:

Benni wasn’t mean, condescending, or disrespectful in any way. There were no harsh words or unwanted sexual advances. He just brushed her off with a funny quip, then went on his merry way.

Well played, sir.

Hat Tip – [Bro Bible]

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