NFL Ref Shows His Arm Strength by Chucking Flag 31 Yards Downfield (GIF)

Screen Shot 2014-08-15 at 12.11.15 AM

In case you were wondering what the referee equivalent of driving a giant truck to oversell your manhood is…we found it.

His name has been deemed unimportant by media covering this event, probably because referees are soulless, and acknowledging a ref’s name would be like giving a name to your desk chair or an air freshener. BUT, if we are going to guess, we’d guess that it’s the same guy from last year’s crew, who would be Todd Prukop.

Anyway, Todd’s got a Cunningham/Elway-type arm when it comes to throwing stupid little beanbags. This downfield flag toss sailed 31 yards. Why would a ref throw a flag 31 yards for no particular reason? Because it’s preseason football and nothing matters.

Here’s the GIF of Captain Trajectory:

Whatever. He’ll probably end up flaming out like JaMarcus Russell or Ryan Leaf.

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