High Stakes Fantasy Football League Makes Loser Create Insanely Embarrassing Calendar (Gallery)

fantasy football league loser punishment embarrassing photos

If you belong to a fantasy football league, chances are there is some sort of reward handed out to the winner. And that’s really cute. However, if you really want to take your league to the next level, you need to also institute a punishment for the person who comes in last place.

What kind of punishment, you ask? How about something embarrassing. Like maybe make the biggest loser take a bunch of humiliating pictures, photoshop them into famous images, and then make a wall calendar out of it.

That’s what one amazingly creative group of guys did last year. And after they finished the calendar, they tipped off Deadspin to the fact that all the photos were on Instagram.

It’s basically the best thing of all time. Take a look:

If you find yourself feeling really bad for this guy, don’t. All these photos are from his Instagram account (@allstern), so I’d say he was a pretty good sport about the whole thing.

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