Little League World Series Kids Are Now Doing Their Very Own Bat-Flips (Video)

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In baseball more than any other sport, it seems kids try to emulate their Major League heroes down to the smallest detail. Batting stances and pitching wind-ups are all co-opted, so it’s no surprise that even the foreign teams in the Little League World Series have taken to showing off their best bat-flips.

The results would make Yasiel Puig proud.

Here’s a quick video compilation of some bat flips from the South Korean players, complete with a shit-kickin’ country western guitar track for some reason:

The flips range from blasé to aggressive. Regardless of the technique, I think we can all enjoy the fact that somewhere, some baseball traditionalist is having a coronary that these lousy youngsters are disrespecting our NATIONAL PASTIME!!!

It beats seeing a team of 12 year-olds that are juicing. Though that would be pretty fun to watch , too.

Hat Tip – [Deadspin]

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