Minor League Manager Checks Off Every ‘Angry Manager’ Cliche During Fight With Ump (Video)

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There’s nothing more pathetic than seeing a manager go out and contest a call. The more vigorously they disagree, the angrier they get, but they never come anywhere close to intimidating the umps.

Case in point: This guy, Joe Mikulik, a minor league manager for the Myrtle Beach Pelicans. He has engaged in some theatrics in the past, but this one not only gets every square covered in “angry manager bingo,” but also introduces some new tantrum affectations.

First up, watch the video:

Gesticulating wildly, like an irate Italian stereotype? Check.

Throwing a perfectly good hat for no discernible reason? Check.

Kicking dirt like some sort of deranged ape? Check.

Getting all up in the ump’s grill knowing full well that you wouldn’t dare touch him? Check.

Taking off your shoes and shirt and leaving them at home pl—

Wait. What?

Yup. Ole’ manager Joe gave us a new one: Removing your jersey and shoes, and delicately placing them at home plate like some sort of vigil for a fallen catch.

The stakes for “angry manager” have just been raised.

Hat Tip – [Big League Stew]

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