Pinch Pitchers: Every MLB Position Player to Take the Mound in 2014

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It’s never fun to see your team get blown out—unless it’s baseball, and your team runs out of pitchers before the game is over. Then it actually is kind of fun, because you get to see a position player pitch.

I bring all this up because, in case you haven’t noticed, 2014 has been a historic year for position players pitching in major league baseball games. Since the start of baseball’s expansion era in 1961, the most pitching appearances by non-pitchers in a single season has been 14 (it was last year). This year, we’re already up to 16 appearances by 14 different players.

Catchers are by far the most likely position players to take the mound, having done so six times this year. However, if you group second baseman and shortstops together, they also have six pitching appearances, followed by first baseman with three and outfielders with two.

As for the teams, the Rangers lead the way with three non-pitcher pitching appearances, followed by the White Sox, Dodgers, and Tigers with two each, and seven other teams with just one.

So what’s going on here? Well, a lot of things, probably. But mostly it’s a combination of (a) managers making a lot of pitching changes, (b) stricter innings- and appearance-limits for pitchers, and (c) luck.

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