Here’s a Sculpture of Kobe Bryant Getting Attacked by a Giant Snake (Pics)

kobe statue

It really shouldn’t surprise anyone that there are a number of Kobe Bryant statues out there. After all, he’s one of the NBA’s all-time great champions, and one day you’ll probably see a giant bronze likeness of the guy right outside the Staples Center.

However, unlike that future Kobe statue, the one we’re talking about in this post was not commissioned by a basketball team looking for something to please the masses. It was created out of fiberglass reinforced plastics by a Taiwanese artist named Roger Huang, presumably just because he’s a huge fan. It’s called “Achilles,” and man is it really f-ing weird.

Let’s start with the obvious. The face, which bears only a passable resemblance, is absolutely terrifying.

kobe statue 1

Then there’s the rest of the sculpture, which basically depicts Kobe, whose nickname is of course “Black Mamba,” getting attacked by a black mamba snake. (Get it?)

kobe statue 2

Look close enough, and you’ll see the snake is biting his achilles.

kobe statue 3

And that’s kind of interesting, since it was a torn achilles that knocked Kobe out for most of last season. But it’s also kind of weird since it suggests Kobe himself is his own “achilles heel,” and that doesn’t make much sense for a guy who’s won five rings…until you see the statue from the front.

When you see it from that angle, protruding from his crotch, it’s hard not to think it sorta looks like a giant penis…

kobe statue 4

And then it starts to make more sense. After all, Kobe has gotten into trouble for certain “indiscretions” over the years. Maybe the sculpture is saying his penis is his achilles heel?

kobe statue 5

Of course, that would still be really weird.

Hat Tip – [Lakers Nation]

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