Streaker! Braves Fans Got Treated to Some Free Male Nudity Last Night at Turner Field (Videos + Pics)


Usually we here at Total Pro Sports will call anybody who runs onto a field wearing fewer clothes than is socially acceptable a “streaker.” But really, if you want to get technical about it, they’re not streakers unless one or more of the major nudity zones—butt, crotch, chest—is fully exposed.

Well let me tell you, the guy who ran out onto the field in Atlanta last night and interrupted the Braves-Athletics game was definitely a streaker, because precisely 0% of his body was clothed when he interrupted the game during the sixth inning. And of course, since this is 2014 and everyone has a high definition video camera in their pocket at all times, there are videos.

Here’s one angle:

And here’s another:

Of course, those don’t give you a great look at the naked idiot, who “eye witnesses” said was at the game with his dad. But these photos do. And I don’t even have to blur them out because they’re black and white, and therefore artistic.

See for yourself:

turner field streaker 4

turner field streaker 2

turner field streaker 1

turner field streaker 3
Hats off to Turner Field security. They took this guy down pretty quickly.

In fact, I don’t want to tell the Atlanta Falcons how to do their job, but they might want to give these guys a look.

Hat Tip – [Deadspin]

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