21 Greatest Peyton Manning Commercials

peyton mannning commercials

Yesterday, as you may have read somewhere, Gatorade unveiled a new series of commercials starring Peyton Manning as a gas station manager who refuses to sell gatorade to anyone unless they’ve broken a sweat and, therefore, earned it—because “Gatorade is for guys and gals who sweat.”

Of course, this is just Peyton’s latest effort in one of the most prolific endorsement careers in sports history. But it was pretty damn good, so that got us wondering: where does it rank on Peyton’s commercial acting curriculum vitae?

To answer that question, we put together this list of Peyton’s greatest hits. Take a look, and by all means, let us know if we missed any…unless you think those Papa John’s commercials were good. If that’s the case, just keep it to yourself.

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