Coach Delivers Inspirational Speech to Kids Following Loss at Little League World Series (Video)

little league coach gives amazing speech

Big league baseball players no longer see the game through apple pie-tinted glasses. They stopped running out ground balls and catching pop flies with two hands, and nobody has said “awe shucks” for a good half century. To them, baseball is a business.

The Little League World Series is different. It’s still about hustle and teamwork and earnestness and love of the game. That’s why we watch it on TV.

Sure, some of those values have slipped away a little bit. Despite the fact that pro ballplayer’s today insist they are not role models, kids still emulate them, so every year we see little leaguers act like a**holes, flipping bats and orchestrating elaborate home run celebrations. But on the whole, the Little League World Series still has integrity. And there is no better example of this integrity than the amazing speech made by Rhode Island coach Dave Belisle after his kids were eliminated by Chicago yesterday

Take a look:

In an age when so many coaches and parents have forgotten that youth sports is about instilling values, that is one hell of a refreshing speech.

Well done, coach. Well done.


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